HOLLYWOOD – With the overall launch of the newest movie within the Predator franchise, Prey we are able to reveal Jean Claude ‘Muscles From Brussels’ Van Damme’s Predator function in Prey. Reprising his function as The Predator from the 1987 all motion blockbuster was a troublesome determination and never one thing he took calmly. We spoke together with his supervisor, Herschel Mince concerning the star’s half within the movie.

It Must Have Been Tough Keeping Van Damme’s Predator Role In Prey A Secret

You’re god damned proper it was. Jean Claude was up each morning at 2am, entering into costume and make-up. He lived away from all of the actors and crew. Nobody on set ever even knew it was him. Not even the director, Dan Trachtenberg. I took a job as a runner and wore a disguise. It was a set of Groucho Marx glasses and moustache. Nobody suspected a factor.

Why Were You There?

So I may feed him at lunch instances. That method, no-one would get close to him and lift suspicion. I might plop bits of sandwich and potato chips into his mandibles. Although I at all times to go simple on the mayo. It may get scorching and smelly in there.

What About Going To The Bathroom?

He couldn’t take a piss on his personal as he couldn’t take any of the costume off. So I needed to rummage round in there and maintain his winky for him. I even needed to open the zipper across the again when he needed to make dust. Y’know what I imply. Have you ever seen a Predator having its ass wiped? I’ve seen issues man. Taco Tuesdays have been at all times the worst.

Why Didn’t You Use A Mo-Cap Suit?


Mo-Cap or movement seize. Just Like They Did With Gollum In The Lord Of The Rings.

Well, I’ll be god-dammed.

You Mean Van Dammed, LOL!

Shut the fuck up.

Prey Is Currently Streaming On Disney+

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