Florida Board of Medicine discusses transgender youth healthcare, trans community protest in Dania Beach

Transgender activists rallied for respect after they claimed to be unfairly targeted.

A protest in Dania Beach broke out in response to a State of Florida law, Friday afternoon.

The new rule would take away healthcare for transgender youths that are considered life-saving treatments.

The Florida Board of Medicine met to discuss a proposal that would ban younger people under the age of 18 from taking transgender medicine, like hormone replacement therapy, and other puberty-blocking medications.

They reviewed a petition by the State Department of Health that would establish a standard of care by banning underage patients from undergoing gender-reassignment surgery and taking hormonal medications. This appeal would also require older patients to wait 24 hours before they seek treatment and sign a consent form.

The actions that took place in the meeting are being met with criticism from the LGBTQ+ community, especially from trans people.

Protesters outside the building believed the government should stay out of these “delicate issues.”

This petition also faced backlash from the U.S. Board of Medicine. They said this standard of care is targeted at transgender youths and was deemed discriminatory and illegal by the board.

It remains unclear if a decision will be made on Friday.