Denver’s Auraria Campus evacuated, other Front Range community colleges on lockout in response to threats

Officials shut down and evacuated Denver’s Auraria Campus due to a “potential threat” Friday as the Colorado Community College System reported colleges across its network were monitoring and responding to threats, some by locking down their buildings.

The three-school Auraria Campus — home to the University of Colorado Denver, Metropolitan State University of Denver and Community College of Denver — wrote on Twitter that the threat is being investigated and asked people to “please remain calm and leave campus.”

Denver police did not specify the nature of the threat and declined to provide additional information.

The Colorado Community College System reported on Facebook on Friday morning that it had been “made aware of a threat against several metro-area CCCS colleges,” including Arapahoe Community College, Community College of Aurora, Community College of Denver, Front Range Community College and Red Rocks Community College.

“We are working closely with campus security teams and law enforcement agencies to monitor the situation,” Colorado Community College System officials wrote. “Some colleges are currently on lockout protocol; we encourage students, faculty, and staff to check their institution’s website for campus-specific information.”

AURARIA ALERT: Campus is closed as a potential threat is being investigated. Please remain calm and leave campus. More details to come.

— Auraria Campus (@AurariaCampus) August 5, 2022

MSU Denver also tweeted about the Auraria Campus being closed, telling students that classes are canceled for the day and all students should leave campus. “Employees should not remain on campus and should transition to remote work for the rest of the day,” university officials wrote.

After a parent tweeted about her high school student being at Auraria for a summer program, the campus wrote on Twitter that “your students are safe and waiting on parents to come pick them up.”

Your students are safe and waiting on parents to come pick them up.

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Front Range Community College, which has campuses in Longmont, Westminster and Fort Collins, wrote on its website that it had secured the perimeter of its schools “out of an abundance of caution” due to a “potential threat in the area.” All outside doors are locked, but classes and other activities inside the buildings are still underway.

“Please rest assured that the students and employees inside the building(s) are safe,” Front Range officials wrote.

This is a developing story and will be updated.